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You missed out!

Work with ME & My Team to Build YOUR Fractional Team Using an Ultra Low-Risk, Low-Cost Approach for Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Top Talent You Can Trust…And Build a Lean (But Highly-Effective) Virtual Team One Small Step at a Time…

Join Me at the First-Ever Fractional Team Bootcamp, February 22-24, 2022!

Design Your Lean & Mighty Fractional Team in Just 3 Days!

  • A LIVE, Virtual 3-Day Experience ALL about how to build, scale, and grow your Fractional Team as an online entrepreneur.
  • The Fractional Team Org Chart: We’ll help you design what YOUR team org chart should look like based on what phase of growth you’re at in your business (and where you are on the Success Path…)
  • The Fractional Hire Profile Assessment: Uncover and design the exact next role your business needs NOW based on where you are (and what your first fractional hire should be if it’s just you and you’re on your own)...
  • The Fractional Hire “Hurdle-a-Thon”: The exact step-by-step hiring funnel to attract, screen, and “test out” that perfect-fit hire risk-free before making any type of hiring decision…
  • The Fractional Team Delegation Framework: How to decide which time-sucking tasks to delegate next so you can focus on the REAL CEO work of building and growing your business… Join me and my team for step-by-step training, breakout small group sessions, “get-it-done” implementation sessions, and more!
  • The Fractional Team Communication Equation: How to build and sustain successful Fractional team relationships that provide your business with ongoing value and growth.

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